Comprehensive aging/caregiver service areas and eligibility info

The state, counties, and a growing number of nonprofit service providers are offering services to older adults and caregivers. Given the limitations of the health care system and social services, this kind of informal caregiving (i.e., family, friends or neighbors caring for older adults) is crucial.

With the explosion of programs and services in this arena, so comes the confusion around geographic areas, income requirements, etc. Navigating the system takes away valuable time from actually doing the job of caregiving!

What would it take to create a website/app that charts these various services/programs/resources --- after someone enters in their profile information and/or that of their care recipient, they can immediately understand what is available to them -- from meal delivery services for the older adult to caregiver coaching.

Perhaps an organization that already has a platform for web-based tools that help caregivers could then host/integrate it into their offerings. Basically a better, web-based version of Senior LinkAge line that is branded for more than just seniors.


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    Paula Merns

    We've seen a recent uptick in buildings specifically designed for the aging population. As the demographics change we will then have to deal with the reuse of those buildings or the under population. How do we plan for these demographics changes using the data we have available to predict where the population will move to or from? Services and accessibility now translating into services and accessibility later for a different population.

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    Krysten Lynn Ryba-Tures ( Idea Submitter )

    Yes Paula! As a researcher at the Met Council, I think tracking this kind of development is really important ---- in addition to the program/service side of things. I would love to work with you on this (though, fair warning, I can crunch data with the best of 'em but we'll need someone with web development and programming chops to bring it to life!)

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    I think I've seen a map of meals on wheels service areas, but can't find it now. This may be getting beyond the focus on older adults, but I'm sure someone (Second Harvest?) has a database of food shelves, too.

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    It sounds like you are proposing some nice enhancements to the Senior Linkage Line It would be nice to hear dialog on how this open data work can complement and improve on existing investments.

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