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Coordinated Transit Map / App

A site / location-aware app that provides info on all transit features (bus, train, Uber, Car2Go, NiceRideMN, etc) and schedules/availability in proximity to requestor.


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    Luke Van Santen ( Idea Submitter )

    May be difficult to include non-governmental info (Uber, Car2Go)?

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    Karlie Cole

    I'd love to see an app like Google Maps for biking that could also show most protected (safer) routes and streets to avoid like Franklin and Lake with high casualties.

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      One local (U of M) project along these lines is Cyclopath ( A big part of it involves user ratings for streets. You can also do route-finding with a lot of options.

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    Karlie Cole

    So we have - which is awesome - how can we get the info to more people? How could we get this data in bus stops? Could businesses be a source of support for any infrastructure costs as they could benefit from people having a few spare minutes to run in for a purchase instead of waiting uncertainly at the bus stop?

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    Karlie Cole

    Ok so this snow day suggests another transit related use of data - how about adding a way to know where the snow plows are and when they're scheduled at my house?

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