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Develop a web based and/or mobile app that allows residents the ability to vote in local, state, and national elections. This would allow residents from having to go into a polling location. I have a feeling that more people would utilize a service like this and voting participation would go up. It might also reduce the burden at polling locations. If done right it might also increase the accuracy of voting results and make results available in more realtime.


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    Luke Van Santen

    Great Idea!

    It seems straightforward to include ability to request / receive "paper" copy of your vote, for documentation purposes?

    How to authenticate?

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    I really think there are way too many political barriers to this idea. One of the parties does not want to make it easier to vote.

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    Tony Petrangelo

    How would a recount be conducted? How would you know that the ballot you cast, was the ballot that was received on the other end? Even if everything could be secured on the server side, a big if, what's to prevent male-ware on the client-side from spoofing votes?

    Washington DC tried this and it ended in epic failure.

    I find the idea of voting online to be fraught with all sorts of risks. the system we have in Minnesota currently, Optical scan and precinct level audits is the gold standard of voting.

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    Community Member

    A certain political party would put a stop to this faster than you can say vote.

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    Mark Ritchie

    We need to always be voting where there is a paper ballot that can be use in case of recounts so the whole public can watch. But there are a lot of information sharing opportunities with the internet that do not risk vote hacking or other manipulation but provide valuable services - like on-line sample ballots.

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    Karlie Cole

    How about the voting machine emails me a receipt of my ballot? I hate that I can never tell if my vote was recorded the way I put it in.

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    How do you make a ballot secret if it's transmitted with data identifying who you are? I am for making voting easier but not for giving up my right to privacy. I also wouldn't assume that one party would hate this idea, they'd probably want to see the breakdown of who would vote this way first! lol.

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    Anika Walz

    I would be more interested in an app that shows candidates, offices up for election, check out your voter registration status, links to political parties, more like an online voter guide and SOS website mashed together

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